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Why are Handcrafted Products Costly?

Why are Handcrafted Products Costly?

Many people are unaware of the relevance and benefits of handcrafted products. The question, “Why handcrafted products cost too much?”, comes to mind for many. People often wonder why they should spend money on pricey handcrafted items when a product from a mechanized process can be had for half the price. But the question is, would you rather have something manufactured for the sake of being made and sold to you, or something that celebrates the beauty of our tradition and culture?

We need to recognize what makes handcrafted products slightly expensive. Each handcrafted piece is unique, and it takes days to make one. The highly skilled artisans spend their sweat and blood on creating each unique piece. Unlike the machine-made products, the artisans make changes, modify colors, and patterns according to their imagination and creativity, making each product unique and special.

If the sole purpose is to mass produce items and bring it to market faster, it can be done using automated/ mechanized process and generate cheaper goods in less time. But artisans apply their tradition and culture into design using their talent and convey that to the rest of society through their handcrafted product. The artworks generated have the added benefit of being produced with personal attention given to each piece. That additional attention and effort makes the handmade products slightly costlier.

High-quality materials are required to make high-quality products. Traditional artisans make use of the best quality raw materials, sourced locally, that are ideal for the product. Graamyam follows the values of these traditional artisans in ensuring quality raw materials are used. Our products are made out of natural, environment friendly materials.

For handmade products, artisans are involved in every step of the crafting process, from picking the suitable material and considering the design and colors. Therefore, bringing these works of art to the market involves a great deal of effort and time.

Crafts, which goes through such careful making process, cost more. Time, energy, effort, and, most importantly, passion and love that goes into creating each of the product, makes these products special. Therefore, we must lend a helping hand to these craft communities to support their livelihood.

Graamyam, India’s leading online platform for handcrafted products, helps craft communities in Kerala by providing a platform to showcase their unique products.