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The Incredible Benefits of Using Terracotta Products

The Incredible Benefits of Using Terracotta Products

For centuries, terracotta utensils have been used for cooking because of their superior qualities. However, our preference slowly drifted away from natural products due to the lack of durable terracotta products and the market influence of cooking utensils made of alternative materials. We are in the process of discovering our good old days of living in harmony with nature. Lifestyle change is slowly visible, with terracotta utensils reintroduced in different forms and shapes for cooking as a food serving containers, giving them a delicate and polished charm. Moreover, terracotta products are widely used for gardening purposes.

At Graamyam, India’s leading provider of Terracotta Products Online, we offer clay products that are 100% authentic, organic, hand-made and eco-friendly.Further, our choice of using terracotta products could help sustain the livelihood of village artisans in Kerala.

Using clay items in our daily lives has numerous health benefits. So let’s discuss them.

Nutrient-Rich Food

Cooking with terracotta utensils help to maintain the nutritional value of the food. In addition, low heat cooking, which is recommended with terracotta products, ensures moisture without adding extra water, providing a superior flavour to your food.

Less Oil Usage

It has the quality of being a natural absorbent. Clay pots will naturally retain the oil and moisture of food, so you do not have to add extra oil to keep your food moist, resulting in a healthier cuisine.

Provider of Minerals

Iron, phosphorus, magnesium, and various other minerals can be found in clay pots, which are essential for human health. Clay is also alkaline, so it works to neutralize the acidity in food, making it simpler to digest.

Cools the Water

When water is stored in clay water bottles, the minerals in the clay will be transferred to the water. This will help keep your body cool, even in the summer.

Life-Saver for Plants

Clay pots are absorbent, which might benefitthose interested in gardening.As water evaporates quickly through these pores, plants survive longer, particularly plants that prefer dry soil.


Since they are essentially formed of soil, they disintegrate swiftly, making them better for the environment. Unlike utensils made of other products, terracotta vessels naturally decay without harming the environment.

Investing in high-quality terracotta will pay off in the long run. At, you can find some outstanding terracotta products that are both economical and convenient.