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Towards Rejuvenating Craft Communities

Towards Rejuvenating Craft Communities

The beauty and cultural aspects of crafts communities are at risk of extinction all around the world. As young people prefer to choose professional paths, highly talented craft communities search for new ways to survive. Small-scale businesses run by craft communities become non-viable as they lack the financial resources to attract fresh talented people and the skills to develop long-term business strategies. How could we help craft communities to continue their traditional livelihood? How can we assist craft communities in preserving our culture and traditions?

Consumption choices that are sustainable, those supportive of handcrafted products could be the key!!  We may become a part of their life path by purchasing and utilizing handcrafted and handloom products from the craft community.

Often high-priced luxury products may not be environmentally friendly. A product is unquestionably the most sustainable luxury product if it causes the least amount of environmental damage throughout the manufacturing process and during its lifetime. However, there is a very slim chance of this happening, and we cannot ensure the same. Therefore, consider purchasing sustainable products as a social or environmental privilege rather than acquiring luxury products for personal indulgence.

Graamyam, as the leading e-Commerce marketplace for handcrafted products, will assist you in acquiring high-quality handmade and handloom products online. Our platform’s ultimate goal is to help Kerala’s village craft communities maintain handicrafts’ long-term viability. We go over to craft communities, interact with the craftspeople, and collaborate to make their craft appealing to millennials.