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How to Keep your Handloom Clothes Looking New

How to Keep your Handloom Clothes Looking New

Handloom clothing must be treated with extreme caution, as they’re so precious and delicate. These are sensitive to oxidation and discolouration, so they need to be handled with care.

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Here are simple tricks to keep your handloom clothing looking excellent and durable.

Washing & Drying of Handloom Clothes

Hand-washing your handloom clothes are advised to keep them looking newer for longer. If one finds hand washing your handloom clothes too time consuming, a machine wash on a gentle cycle is an option. Use a mild and natural washing detergent to maintain the fabric clean and soft and prevent colour fading.

You must wash your handlooms in cold water and dry them away from direct sunshine without squeezing the water out.Always wash your handloom clothes separately as garments with bleeding colours might damage the fabric.

Store it Properly

Before storing your fabric, make sure it is completely dry.

Store handlooms in your wardrobe depending on how frequently you will use each of them. Your favourites should come at the top, while those reserved for a special event should go preferably in a long-term storage area.

Keep neem leaves between the folds to keep pests away. Change the folds from time to time to avoid creases that might wear and tear the fabric; alternatively, hang the cloth on a hanger. To prevent garments from being deformed, hang them on wooden or padded hangers.

Some more tips…

• Before ironing, never spray water on it because it may leave permanent scars on the fabric.
• Always iron your clothes in medium to low heat.
• Compared to tumble drying, which consumes a burst of power and can harm fibres, air drying is better for your clothes and the environment.
• Use eco-laundry solutions produced from biodegradable, plant-derived materials.
• Repair any damaged parts of clothes to look and feel better and fresh.

I hope these tips may assist you in maintaining the excellent condition of your clothing. Aside from these maintenance tips, making a few tweaks and stylistic changes to your existing outfit can always offer you a fresh and trendy look.