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Benefits of Using Terracotta Curd Setter at Home

Benefits of Using Terracotta Curd Setter at Home

Terracotta curd setter is the best container for preparing homemade curd. The earthen flavor of the terracotta curd setter adds a unique flavor to the curd.

Graamyam, as the leading provider of Terracotta Products Online in India, offers clay products that are 100%  authentic, organic, hand-made, and eco-friendly. Furthermore, your decision to utilize terracotta products could assist Kerala’s local artisans to maintain their livelihood.

Terracotta utensils production is a traditional occupation in India that only a few individuals still practice today. Here we discuss a few benefits of terracotta/clay curd setter to revive the benefits of consuming curd traditionally, true to  Indian cultural roots.

Makes Curd Thicker

Clay is a porous substance, which means it can retain water. Therefore, when you prepare yoghurt in clay pots, the clay absorbs the surplus water, making the yoghurt thicker and tastier.

Earthy Flavor

Cooking with terracotta cookware is ideal, as the dishes produced in these pots have a wonderful earthy flavor. The yoghurt prepared in clay pots is preferred as it tastes much better than those prepared in non-earthenware.

Natural Minerals

Clay pots are made of mud, which contains various natural minerals. For instance, it has a varying amount of calcium, iron, phosphorus, sulfur, magnesium, and other organic compounds, depending on the soil used to produce the pottery. This contributes to the creaminess and nutrients of the yoghurt.

Balance Temperature

The heat resistance of terracotta aids in the protection of curd against temperature variations. This helps to keep the milk at the proper temperature for curd formation.

Keep in Mind

When the curd is placed in an earthen pot, it thickens even when using toned milk. Cover the pot and set it away in a warm area. After the curd has been set, please place it in the refrigerator to prevent it from becoming sour. Please carefully choose an unglazed earthen pot for the best results.

So next time you want to have some excellent yoghurt, try the terracotta curd setter. Terracotta is an organic material that brings out the finest in everything it touches.